Glutacan Face Serum


Glutacan is our new Face Serum with skin whitening and moisturizing benefits. It is more than just a regular face serum with powerful anti-ageing, skin whitening, and moisturizing treatment in one!


It comes in a 30ml / 1.01 fl. oz. e glass bottle with a dropper applicator.


Our serum is made with all-natural and cruelty-free ingredients, including Hyaluronic acid 1%, Vitamin C 20% (Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate, Ascorbic Acid, Ascorbyl palmitate), Allantoin 0.5%, Vitamin E 0.5%, Glutathione 1%, Licorice Extract 1.5%, Aloe vera Extract 2%, and Vitis Vinifera Extract 1%, to brighten, hydrate and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles..


  • Helps to protect the skin
  • Keeps your skin moisturized
  • Boosts skin elasticity
  • Helps tighten and tone the skin
  • Promotes skin development
  • Anti Ageing

Direction To Use

  • Take a sufficient amount of serum on your palm and apply it directly to your face. Gently massage until it gets absorbed in your face.



Introducing Glutacan Face Serum, a powerful and natural skincare product that is more than just a regular serum.

You shouldn’t pass up this all-in-one anti-ageing, brightening, and hydrating treatment because of its mix of skin-whitening and moisturizing advantages.

The serum is contained in a glass bottle that holds 30ml (1.01 fl oz) and has a dropper applicator. It is prepared without the use of any animal products.

To brighten, hydrate, and lessen the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, it contains hyaluronic acid 1%, vitamin c 20% (sodium Ascorbyl phosphate, ascorbic acid, and Ascorbyl palmitate), allantoin 0.5, vitamin e 0.5, glutathione 1%, licorice extract 1.5, Aloe Vera extract 2%, and vinifera extract 1%.

You only need to put a small bit of serum on your palm and apply it to your face. Massage it into your face gently until it is absorbed. Glutacan Face Serum’s quick-absorbing composition makes it ideal for everyday usage, whether your goal is to lighten your skin or lessen the visibility of fine lines and wrinkles.

In conclusion, Glutacan face serum is a revolutionary product in the skincare industry. All skin types can use it safely and effectively because to its all-natural and cruelty-free components, and its potent combination of advantages guarantees that your skin will look and feel its best. Today, give it a try to experience the difference for yourself.

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Benefits of Glutacan Face Serum

A number of advantages are provided by the Glutacan Face Serum to protect and nourish your face. It maintains skin hydration, increases skin elasticity, tones and tightens the skin, and encourages skin growth. The serum is a great option for anyone trying to enhance the health and appearance of their skin because it also helps shield it from environmental assaults.

Order our new Glutacan Face Serum today and let your skin glow!


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